Caring For Your Furniture

 When you buy new furniture you want it to last for many years to come. A little regular care and following a few guidelines will help. 

Our Tips for Caring for your Timber Furniture:

  • Do not place your furniture near direct heat sources or air conditioning units

  • Avoid any very humid atmospheres or any changes in humidity

  • Always leave a gap behind large/tall pieces of furniture to allow air circulation

  • Wood will mature in colour in direct sunlight - protect it if you don't want this to happen and pay particuar attention to table leaves

  • Always take care when moving furniture - it should be carried rather than dragged or pushed. If moving a table lift it by the undercarriage!

  • Pay attention to uneven floors and use feet or packing where necessary

  • Don't put hot items directly on to the furniture - always use mats where appropriate

  • Any spills should be mopped up promptly

  • Regularly dust with a lint-free cloth or duster. We recommend E Cloths.

  • Never use silicone-based furniture polish - use a natural polish where possible.

  • Oil-finished furniture will be porous and will stain easily

  • Most of our oak and ash furniture has a durable polyurethene finish - just wipe clean with a cloth

  • Avoid the use of strong detergents on wood


 Our Tips for Caring for Your Leather or Fabric Chairs & Upholstery:

  • Light will affect fabric and leather - avoid prolonged direct sunlight

  • Pay attention to the floor that your furniture will be on and use feet or sliders where appropriate

  • If you spill something on your upholstery then gently mop up the excess as quickly as possible. Avoid using strong detergents which may stain the fibres or damage pile

  • Have fixed upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a a year

  • To keep leather sofas looking new, regularly wipe them with a slightly damp cotton cloth and a mild soap

  • Beware of denim and non-colour fast fabrics and newsprint on pale upholstery as the colours may transfer

In the event of damage to the surface of your furniture we recommed using the services of a professional restorer. Contact us if we can be of any help.

Our Tips for caring for Your Garden Furniture:

  • Teak and Other Hardwoods: teak and hardwoods in general will over time turn a silvery grey in colour – this is perfectly natural. They need little maintenance other than a good wash and scrub in Springtime unless you want them to stay a “woody” colour. There are several Garden Furniture Protection products on the market that when applied regularly which will help maintain colour. Please contact us for advice if you experience wasp damage with your teak furniture.

  • Powder Coated Aluminium: this is a popular choice of recent years for garden furniture as it provides a durable, lighter-weight and maintenance-free alternative to traditional cast-iron . However, it is important to ensure that the coating is maintained in the event of chips and scratches.

  • All Weather Rattan: this needs little maintenance except for cleaning with water. Kitchen brushes are ideal for getting into weaves. Winter storage in the event of exceptionally cold weather is advised.



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